Video Speakers

Transforming Heartache Into Hope: Walking with Couples Experiencing Infertility

with Ann Koshute

According to the CDC, 1 in 8 couples experience infertility, and for many of them the pain is a biological, social and spiritual test. How is a Catholic couple to respond to the challenge of infertility; and what support can be offered by pastors and parish communities?

Humanae Vitae and the Cross of Infertility

with Elizabeth Kirk

“Humanae vitae and the Cross of Infertility” Elizabeth Kirk, J.D., Speaker and Author Humanae Vitae Conference — April 6, 2018

Adoption and the Experience of Infertility

with Elizabeth Kirk

“Adoption and the Experience of Infertility​,” Elizabeth Kirk, J.D., 2019 GIVEN Catholic Young Women’s Leadership Forum

Workshop on Infertility, Miscarriage, and Infant Loss

with Laura Ricketts

The first of many designed workshops for couples experiencing infertility and/or suffering from infant loss and miscarriage, and the priests, deacons, and parish staff who may assist them. The workshop featured Laura Ricketts, founder of Filumena Birth.


Made for Love Catholic Podcast

Infertility is a reality for thousands of Catholic women (and men, too). On this episode of Made for Love: how married couples face the cross of infertility together, and find love through it. Sara and Tom Faenhle, Chris and Emily (nee Stimpson) Chapman, Jen and Mark Crowley, and Connie Poulos are featured on the episode.

Made for Love Catholic Podcast

Every child is a gift, and the loss of even the smallest life is mourned by Catholic parents. Today we’re talking about one of the heaviest crosses that is borne in Catholic family life: miscarriage and infant loss. This episode includes Leah Libresco, Laura Fanucci, author, with her husband Franco, of Grieving Together: A Couple’s Journey through Miscarriage, and Msgr. Donald Sakano from the Archdiocese of New York.

The Messy Family Podcast

Our faith celebrates and values children and openness to life, so having one child or no children can be particularly painful for Catholic couples who long for a big family. To discuss this topic on a personal level we interviewed Brad and Jessica Sheguit, Alicia’s sister and brother-in-law who have carried this burden for over 7 years. In this podcast, Brad and Jessica share their struggles and give advice on how to support couples who carry this hidden cross.

Letters to Women Podcast

Does your heart know the pains of motherhood that doesn’t quite look like what you thought it would? Has Christ called you to marriage, but not introduced the second part of that vocational equation into your life yet? Is your little saint in Heaven, too? Does the experience of infertility weigh heavy on your heart? Does physical motherhood not quite look like what you had dreamed of? Is Christ calling you to be His bride alone, asking you to sacrifice physical motherhood in a vocation to consecrated life?  In this episode, I sit down with Danielle Bean and we talk about why the universal call to motherhood applies to all women, how “mother” is a verb, and why you’re made for maternity as a woman, even if you don’t feel maternal.

Always Hope Podcast with Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario Sacasa welcomes Ann Koshute, co-founder of Springs in the Desert, a ministry dedicated to the emotional and spiritual support of couples suffering infertility. Ann beautifully shares her journey with infertility and the process that led her to start this outreach. In this episode, they discuss best practices when supporting women and men with infertility, ways that couples should communicate about infertility with each other, when to let go of treatment options and move towards acceptance, how to be a good friend, and the specific ways Springs in the Desert ministers to those suffering with infertility.